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Over 10 years, feedback loops between analog and digital works have given rise to a transmedia Levels & Bosses mythology. Paintings, drawings, and sculptures become blueprints, textures, and forms within digital environments just as virtual spaces become references for physical installations, effectively blurring the boundaries between reality and synthetic illusion and expanding possibilities for meaning making in gaming/game distribution.

Level One painting, 2009

Oil and acrylic on canvas

The first “Level” image in the series where many of the previously seen virtual environments take place. The series started with the idea of using the framework of “concept art” used for movies and video games to plan future virtual worlds by progressing through a series of artworks.

Pattern 003, 2017

Digital collage

A collage of hand-made and digital components to plan a future virtual environment.



Inventory (Stage Selection)

Wall paper installation, Other elements include 3d prints, wood and acrylic on canvas.

Wallpaper 6.5x26 ft. Full installation 10x45ft at Oolite Arts





Boss Pile with Modules, 2018

Oil and acrylic on canvas

80x60 inches